The Blog

I’m not aiming for sympathy here but my opinion isn’t worth all that much. Strike that, my opinion doesn’t mean much to you… I’m guessing. But to me… well it means the most to me to express it, to get it out of my system. Not to read it or have you read it. Just get it out.

I just found myself typing out reviews or ramblings on fb or rotten tomatoes or metacritic only to delete the post within seconds of posting it. Everything’s just too… public. HERE it feels safer. Here you have to kind of dig for it, it’s not just… there. OK so with that out of the way….

I found myself recently posting alot of reviews for games or movies or…. stuff in general. I recently just went through some fun life changes and it’s quite possible I’m in the throws of a mid life crisis… maybe… there’s no real way to tell actually… is there? Like an online test or something?… either way. I need any and every therapeutic outlet available to me.

So, here we go.