Those Guardians of the Galaxy…

Ok so, I love the James Gunn movies a lot, but I am not that familiar with their comic book counter parts. From what I hear though is that the games version kinda split the difference between those 2. After about 20 hours I can say with certainty, these are my favorite renditions of these characters. I will admit it takes some time getting used to the voices, Rockets in particular. Bradley Cooper’s Rocket is one of my fav characters in a movie ever, so his voice in the game is… different. Eventually I got used to the new voices and started appreciating them. Especially when the banter begins. After the first level, the dialogue is so hilarious and well written, I said to myself there’s no way they can keep this up. BOY was I wrong. Not only do the characters remain funny, compelling and likable, some of the individual story lines flesh out the characters so well that i felt it was superior to the movies (sorry James). Peter and Drax in particular will make u feel all the feels. Each characters backstory here are tragic, whether its Peter losing his mom, Drax losing his family or Rocket’s painful experimentation past, it is handled so well that I cared more about these characters than any other video game character…. maybe ever. You know what? I know the last time I felt this and it was (spoilers) Eli Vance’s death in Half-Life 2 episode 3, it’s that effective.

How’s the gameplay? It works. It’s not overly complicated and sending characters off to slice and dice baddies never got old. My one gripe was that there seemed little strategy in chosing characters moves. Sometimes you did have to do some characters moves in a particular order but most enemies could just be dispatched by randomly spamming moves. Bosses require a little more thought then reqular vanilla enemies. I will not lie, some bosses took me FOREVER because I couldn’t tell what I was actually supposed to be doing (check your visor). But after I did figured it out I would be like ‘Oh… that makes sense.’

THE MUSIC… jebus the music. My wife caught me in the middle of a huge skirmish when post huddle Jitterbug started playing. She seemed even more confused than usual when she watches me play a game. One of the bosses I killed to the tune of I am the warrior. It was amazing.

How’re them graphics?? Um I’m playing this on a PS4 Pro and it looks DAMN GOOD. Every area is so wildly different that it really helps feel like you’re traveling all over the universe to different planets. I’ve seen PS5 footage and somehow it looks even better.

OK the reason to play this game… the story/writing/dialogue. The game has such a staggering amount of dialogue and is SUPER well acted, and I kid you not. They are talking CONSTANTLY and there’s also branching dialogue paths that make it even more impressive. You are constantly having to chose dialogue/action options AND they actually make a difference. One of my favorite chapters Mantis tags along and lordy…. I haven’t laughed this much at a game… EVER. The overarching story is MASSIVE and handled really well. It somehow balances epic space fights to little personal character moments perfectly. Pacing wise it’s solid. Near the end somethings feel sorta like padding but overall to nail the pacing on what’s essentially a 20 hour movie is a miraculous feat.

The bad news? Not much but I have encountered a handful of game crashing bugs. Some that just quit the whole game and kicked me out to the PS menu and some were glitches that prevented me from progressing forward WHICH was usually fixed when reloading the game. But still… there are some bugs and glitches.

Overall, this is the biggest surprise of the year for me just beating out F.I.S.T. and Kena: Bridge of Souls by a slim margin. I never thought that story and writing would make me love a game THIS MUCH. Last I saw it was one sale everywhere. So go get it.

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