When all else fails… play videogames.

So I’m currently attempting my hand at web design and having trouble wrapping my brain around “simple” designs. My brains tend to use the kitchen sink method to see what sticks, then just delete the rest. Anywho, took a break today to download “Not a Hero” onto my PS4.

Anyone w an interest in indie games needs to check this out. Nostalgia seems to be the flavor of the last few years and this game freaking nails it. At times I felt like I played this game in the 80s… although the Hotline Miami level violence might of made me hide the cartridge under my mattress. Roll7 crushes is w simpleĀ mechanics, beautiful 8 bit art style and animation, and classic sounding chiptunes (seriously the soundtrack rocks). The game also is packaged up into a hilarious premise quite fitting of the title.

It is not as easy game, but by no means cheap. It has the difficulty of the aforementioned Hotline Miami, where anytime i died i would think… ‘yeah I totally deserved that.’ There is a certain type of surprising strategy involved into busting thru a door in a 2D game, diving for cover and emerging to shoot your foes. Smashing thru windows to jump to an adjacent building or lower level is also very satisfying.

Not a Hero mixes the formula up too with new unlockable (and better) characters to keep you motivated playing. I’ve only gotten the first 4 so far butĀ each are varied (and entertaining) enough to change the gameplay just enough.

The writing is also worth mentioning. Indie games are still the wild west when it comes to the creative written side of games. Whether a game is deep and meaningful or violent and bizarre, indie games seem to realize that imagination doesn’t cost a damn thing. The levels in Not a Hero are bookended by board room scenes narrated by the nefarious BunnyLord feel right out of an odd sketch comedy show and ends w a Tarantino-esq coffee shop scene where the crew talk about their most recent violent deeds. Its something even on its own is worth visiting.

So go check it out…. NOW.

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